The Importance of Cleaning Your AC Coils

If you’re a homeowner, you know the importance of regular HVAC maintenance to help prevent your air conditioning from breaking down during the hottest months of the year. The air conditioning unit is a complex piece of machinery that keeps your home cool but requires regular attention to ensure it works at peak efficiency. At Accurate Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer a biannual maintenance service for spring and fall. 

Proper HVAC maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in emergency repair bills. Our program includes checking all the parts in the air conditioning system to make sure it is working as expected, including the filters, coils, fins, refrigerant levels, and more to help bring peace of mind to your home. 

What are the benefits of coil cleaning, and what happens if they are dirty?

Over time, coils in your AC system can get dirty, affecting heat transfer and your unit’s effectiveness. With regular HVAC maintenance and coil cleaning from Accurate, you can enjoy

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Protection against premature failures
  • Increased efficiency and cooling performance
  • A longer system lifespan
  • And improved comfort levels

AC systems help remove unwanted humidity and heat. Dirty coils force the system to work harder, leading to inefficient cooling, increased energy consumption, and poor performance. All of this puts a strain on your system, increasing the wear and tear, need for replacements, and potential repairs. In addition to cost considerations, a dirty coil can attract more dirt, dust, and pollen, bringing germs and allergens into your household. 

How often should you clean your HVAC coils?

We recommend bi-annual maintenance during spring and fall to prepare your HVAC system for its busiest time of year. Coil cleaning should be performed at least once a year during early spring or the start of the cooling season. 

Depending on the situation, like how often the AC unit is in use, amount of pets, and other environmental factors, more frequent maintenance may be necessary. 

Where are the AC Coils?

In a traditional HVAC system, there is an indoor and outdoor unit with its own coils. 

  • Evaporator coils are usually located inside the blower component of a furnace or your air handler. This extracts heat from the indoor air and is sent to a refrigerant to cool. Evaporator coils usually get dirty due to pet dander, hair, and dust. 
  • Condensing coils in the outdoor unit release heated air taken from the inside of the house and distributed outside. Things such as pollens, seeds, grass, and dirt can all collect on the condensing oil, slowing down heat transfer.

Make an Appointment

During your next HVAC service appointment, be sure to ask your technician how you can keep your system running at peak efficiency. Between your appointments, increase the lifespan of your system by removing any flowers, bushes, leaves, and foliage within 2 feet of your system. 

At Accurate Heating and Air Conditioning, we have over 20 years of industry experience providing high-quality HVAC systems and service to homeowners. Contact us today at (707) 595-0420 to schedule a maintenance appointment or to learn more about professional HVAC cleaning.


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