Emergency HVAC Repair in Santa Rosa, CA

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If you need emergency air conditioning or heating repair in the North Bay, please call Accurate Heating & Air Conditioning at (707) 595-0420 today.

At Accurate Heating & Air Conditioning, it’s our job to ensure you’re not left out in the cold (or heat). While we hope you never experience an HVAC emergency, we understand that HVAC system emergencies can happen, especially when you need it most.

Our experienced team knows there’s nothing worse than sweating through the night in the heat of summer or chattering your teeth in the dead of winter, which is why we are happy to provide emergency HVAC repair.

With our certified technicians, we are ready to handle any emergency air conditioning and furnace repair. Our trucks are stocked with the most common parts needed for emergency service, and we are here to help.

HVAC Emergency Services Include

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

When faced with an emergency air conditioning repair, the most common issues are refrigerant leaks, drain clogs, and iced evaporator or condenser coils. If your air conditioner is unusually noisy, not providing cold air, leaking, smelling, or reducing airflow, it might be time to call us for a repair appointment.

Emergency Furnace Services

During cold winters, it is important to have a heating system that is working properly and efficiently. If your heating system is not performing right, your furnace may be damaged or broken. Call our emergency repair team at (707) 595-0420 if you notice there is no heat coming out of the vents, energy bills have significantly increased, weird noises or smells from your heater or any concerns about whether or not you need an emergency repair.

Emergency Heat Pump Services

The heat pump is used to transfer heat from one area to another and is used for heating and cooling. This device could break down at any time of the year since it operates in both summer and winter. If your heat pump breaks down, don’t worry, our local HVAC repair team is ready to repair or replace the part when you need it.

Signs You Need Service

Your HVAC system doesn’t care about convenience and could break down at any time.

Our emergency services help restore your home’s comfort levels quickly and prevent additional damage to the system.

These issues warrant a call to your local HVAC experts

  • Electrical issues
  • Loud furnace or air conditioning noises
  • Gas odors in the home
  • Heating system leaks
  • The furnace is blowing cold air
  • HVAC failure

Temperature extremes are dangerous to young children, pets, and elderly family members. If your HVAC system fails, don’t wait, call for emergency repair at (707) 595-0420 now.

How to Avoid Needing Emergency Repairs & Service

The best way to prevent an HVAC emergency is to have routine checkups and consistent maintenance to keep your system in great condition.

This is key in catching minor problems before they escalate to a full-blown emergency, however, an aging system is far more prone to breakdowns than newer models.

If your system is consistently breaking down, contact us to request service.

When you need emergency HVAC service and repair in Sonoma, Marin, and Napa County, be sure to call Accurate Heating & Air Conditioning.

We have over 20 years of experience providing heating and cooling services to homeowners and businesses in the North Bay.

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