Common Questions About Heating & Cooling

  • How often should I replace my air filter?

While most of us understand it’s necessary to replace the air filter, we may not understand the recommended frequency. Some air filter packages actually say to renew every month.

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However, depending on the quality of the product you buy and your usage, you can go up to three months (or longer!). Factors of usage include how often you use your system, if your home have pets, the amount of dust in your home and how large your family is.

Filters with a higher Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating hold more containments, so consider this with your next purchase. It correlates to better quality and will last longer.

If there’s ever any doubt, the best way is to check your filter yourself. Hold it up to light, and if you can’t see through it – it’s time for a new filter.

  • How can I reduce my energy costs?

Some techniques to reduce energy costs are keeping up with routine maintenance, changing your air filters regularly, turning down the thermostat and operating your system at optimum temperatures. 

You can flip through your owner’s manual or consult with your local technician to discover your system’s most efficient range. 

  • What are the benefits of a programmable thermostat?

With programmable thermostats, you can adjust your temperature to the exact degree you desire. These thermostats better maintain a consistent temperature and can be set to run at different times.

That way, it can automatically lower when you are not home and stay at preferred warm or cool settings when you return.

Ultimately, programmable thermostats are more efficient and save money.

  • How do I avoid expensive HVAC repairs?

The best way to prevent costly repairs is to have your system regularly inspected and maintained. Typically, we recommend getting your heating and air conditioning checked semi-annually. This will help catch any potential equipment failures, as well as maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

  • What is the average life expectancy of an HVAC system?

Most systems, especially newer ones, can have a lifespan of 15 – 20 years with proper maintenance. However, as they get older they can become less efficient.

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