Dangers of DIY Air Conditioning Repairs

We get it. It feels great to be able to solve a problem on your own and complete a project independently. With the weather heating up, we might be tempted to DIY repair any air conditioning problems that come up.

However, we firmly believe that air conditioning repairs should be left to trained HVAC technicians.

At Accurate Heating & Air Conditioning, we know your home’s comfort is an investment. To help protect your HVAC system, so it works efficiently for years to come, our experienced professionals are available to help with any maintenance or repairs necessary.

Many dangers can come with air conditioning DIY that may damage your home or even yourself, so if any problem arises, please call us at (707) 595-0420 today or send an email.

Lack of Safety Precautions

Your safety is our number one concern when it comes to DIY air conditioning repairs. There are a lot of risks associated with HVAC systems that our team has learned to avoid. By trying to DIY an air conditioning repair, you could be risking carbon monoxide leaks, reduced indoor air quality, electrical fires, damage to gas lines, injuries such as electrical shocks, and more.

An air conditioning unit is a complex high-voltage system with many different components. Some parts of the machine remain energized even after power is disconnected, and improper air conditioning DIY could short circuit the entire system. Most importantly, you could be seriously hurt in the process.

Extended Costs

To begin any HVAC-related repairs, it is crucial to have the necessary equipment. This requires specialized tools that are unique to the trade and probably not in your at-home toolbox. This might end up being more costly than the repair itself.

Most people choose to attempt doing DIY air conditioning repairs to save money. However, a mistake could lead to much more expensive issues. An air conditioning system has interconnected parts that work together, which means that damaging one part could damage multiple components or even the entire system. You could be risking having an A/C system that just needs a small repair to needing a new air conditioner unit.

Our technicians at Accurate have extensive experience and training to repair any air conditioning systems. With professional service, you are guaranteed dependable results.

Voided Warranty

There are a few ways that a homeowner can void the warranty on their A/C system, and that includes damage done by DIY repairs. Most system manufacturers require installation, maintenance, and repairs to be done by licensed technicians. DIY on your HVAC system will most likely leave you responsible for paying full price on any repairs or replacements needed.

The best way to save on air conditioning costs is to ensure that you are performing routine maintenance. A regular maintenance program helps ensure that your system is working as efficiently as possible. It also helps to catch problems early on.

There are a few things that you can do yourself to help save money in the long run. This includes inspecting, cleaning, or changing air filters regularly. A dirty air filter causes the system to work a lot harder and compromises indoor air quality.

Some jobs around the house need experts. If you need air conditioning repairs, get in touch with your local Sonoma County HVAC professionals at Accurate Heating and Air Conditioning.


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